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Does Your Fuse Box Look Anything Like This?



These types of Fuse Boxes were fitted in houses that were wired decades ago, to supply the needs of the time. This is why most old systems in old houses only have one or two sockets per room. These days, just a typical modern kitchen alone, has more appliances than the entire house that most of us grew up in.

These enclosures, fuses, housings and components were not designed to cope with today’s demands and deteriorate over time, especially if overloaded and misused. Old Fuse Boxes can be very unsaf and often not fit for purpose, especially the very old ones with pull out, re-wireable fuses and wooden backs. These date back to the 60’s and offer barely any safety from fire or electric shock and what’s more, they aren’t designed to. The way they work is to burn out the fuse wire if overloaded. This is intended to protect the wiring, NOT you or your family. They are missing one vital piece of equipment…

Residual Current Device’s or RCD’s 

These newly fitted Consumer Units contain a vital,life saving feature. An RCD. An RCD, or Residual Current Device, is designed to prevent a lethal electric shock by automatically cutting the electrical supply or ‘tripping’ if you touch a live wire or metallic surface. This could be due to a danger in your electrical system, or perhaps a faulty appliance.

Old Fuse Boxes protect the installation against overloading and fire. Consumer Units with RCD’s also do this but vitally they also protect YOU against electric shock. They are truly a life-saving device; however it’s staggering that over 13 MILLION UK households still don’t have one installed, even though the Wiring Regulations legislation have made them required for virtually all installations since 2008.


Other Benefits Of RCD’s

As well as the huge safety benefits of RCD’s, the installation of a modern consumer unit also has the following benefits;

  • Bigger capacity for any future work – Many older fuse boxes only have space for 4 – 6 circuits. Most modern consumer units usually have at least 10 ways. This will cut dowwn the cost of future work considerably
  • Practicality – Modern consumer units can have the power turned on or off with the simple flick of a switch. They don’t need the whole system turning off to pull a fuse or need fuses re-wiring for something as simple as a blown lightbulb.
  • Easy maintenance – RCD’s have built in test button that you can test yourself. Quarterly tests are recommended (they take seconds to carry out) and this will ensure that any issue are identified BEFORE any accidents or faults occur.
  • Are you thinking of selling your home? – Many surveyors look for old fuse boxes and judge the entire electrical system based on it’s age or condition. With a modern consumer unit you can avoid your wiring being flagged in a building survey if you come to selling your home. This can be used as a negotiating tool by the buyer, and when taking the cost of re-wiring, re-plastering and re-decorating into account, could save you as much as £10,000 knocked off your asking price.

If you’d like to make your home & family safer, as well as more saleable in the future AND maybe even cut down your electric bill, then get in touch. 

We are specialists in Fuse Box to Consumer Unit upgrades, so If you would like a free, no obligation survey or just an informal chat, then just give us a call on your local number or email me at enquiries@marksesum.co.uk. All new consumer units are issued with an Electrical Installation Certificate and covered by a 6 Year Warranty.

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“Our fuse box was over 30 years old so we got Mark to quote and fit a new RCD unit. The new one looks fantastic and we now have much better peace of mind that we are protected against any dodgy electrical items. Thanks, Mark for your great service”

Kate & John Adamson - Wrenthorpe, Wakefield

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